As mentioned on another page, in addition to our Sea Pearls, we have access to use a few other fun sailing vessles through our generous family and our work with the Exuma Sailing Club. You can rent these boats or you can charter the larger boats and get a custom sailing experience. All proceeds for these boats go to support the Exuma Sailing Club or the boat and crew.

Tari Anne, Legendary Bahamian Sloop Sailboat

Tari Anne is a Bahamian B Class sloop racing sailboat built by Walter Archer in 1974 in Nassau, Bahamas. Percival Knowles (grandfather), is now the owner of this amazing sloop. The Bahamian Sloop racing boats are built to imitate the old fishing smacks that used to race each other during the fishing off season.

Our big race occurs every April for the National Family Island Regatta. Boats from all over the Bahamas come to George Town to race each other. It's a huge event for our island, and for the sailing community. Here's your chance to experience the thrill of these giant sails underway and riding high out on the pry.

If that's not enough to wet your appetite, check out this incredible drone footage Marcus P. took of us out sailing one day.

Half Day (4 hrs) Minimum 4 people, Maximum 7 people- $400 total

For more information about this amazing sailboat and how to help sponsor her and her team, check out this brochure.

tari anne

Sailing Club Charters- (4hrs/Half Day) $300 or (8hrs/Full Day) $600 total

Care to go for a sunset cruise or a leisurely stroll in the harbour on board a houseboat? These boats ( Catalina 27 & Hunter 35) have been donated to the kids in the Exuma Sailing Club, and you can charter one for a full day or half day and experience sailing in one of the top destinations in the world for sailing, the exquisite Elizabeth Harbour! Again, all proceeds from these charters go to the Exuma Sailing Club.

Charters start at the Georgetown government dock. We will meet you there and head out on the water. We provide all the boating equipment, lunch (only on full day) and drinks. All you need to bring is a towel and personal items such as sunscreen, sunglasses, a camera, etc. Mask, snorkel & fins are available at an additional cost. If you'd like to bring additional beverages, we will have a cooler with ice that you can use to chill items.

For more information, please contact us.

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