When you plan a vacation with us here at Out-Island Explorers, you aren't just planning a vacation... you're meeting new friends. We love having the opportunity to meet folks from all over the world and show them around our little island we call home. Our journey that led us to Exuma is kind of least we think it is.

Dallas was born and raised in Nassau, Bahamas. He comes from a long line of Bahamas Olympians, both sailors and swimmers. I (Tamara) grew up moving around the USA as an Army brat, and loved almost every minute of it. My father was in the Army up until I was in high school, and retired in Alabama near the rest of our family.

When college came along Dallas and I ended up at the same college, Auburn University (WAR EAGLE!!) in Alabama. The first trip I ever took to the Bahamas with Dallas we went camping on a secluded island in the cays with a group of friends. Little did we know that we would end up down here running camping trips in the cays. I guess I should have known I'd end up living by the ocean at some name means "palm tree".

We moved down to Exuma right after we got married and eventually started working for a company called Starfish doing day trips in the harbour. We knew at the time that the company was for sale, but the timing for us buying was off. After a few years down here we decided to move back to the states and see what direction our lives would find up that way.

We had our first son, Joss, in 2007 and started thinking and planning more for the future. The thought of buying Starfish (or part of the company anyways) was always in the back of our minds, but always seemed out of reach. With a lot of prayer and support from our family, we were able to make the leap. In November 2008 we officially started Out-Island Explorers, purchasing the expedition side of Starfish. We've been down here going strong ever since. We even managed to have another baby boy, Emit, in 2009. The boys love their little island playground, and we think it's pretty cool too.

Our life is simple, yet busy. The work is hard, but we absolutely love it!

Hope to see you here soon,

Dallas, Tamara, Joss & Emit

Out-Island Explorers

P.O. Box EX29265

Georgetown, Exuma


Bahamas phone: 242-524-8246/7

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