land sea sail

Spend the week (6 days/5 nights on the water) cruising up and down the georgeous Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park! Explore untouched coral reefs flourishing with fish and lobster, cruise by celebrity owned cays, and camp on exotic deserted beaches the whole way. Cover the entire park from the Rocky Dundas Caves down south, all the way to beautiful Shroud Cay up north and back again!

Price includes group dinner the first night on Staniel Cay before setting sail the following morning, all meals & beverages during the trip, boats, camping gear, snorkeling gear and support boat with staff. You will be responsible for meeting us in Staniel Cay. Please click here to find out how to get there.

Price: $2,195/person (minimum 4)

For a detailed itinerary of this trip, please contact us.

NOTE: This is a challenging, strenuous activity in a very remote area.

If you want to see how these boats are rigged and sailed, check out this little tutorial we've put together over on YouTube.

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